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Saturday Digest: The Pain before our eyes

Saturday digest

What got me thinking these few weeks is the future of our dear country, Nigeria. As a passionate Nigerian, I can still recall few years ago when i wore the National youth service corps (NYSC) uniform. From the camp to my place of primary assignment (PPA), the honor I received was unprecedented. I can still recall one scenario in camp that gave me a blink of hope, i was fortunate to be part of a mini debate team of 6 people representing the 6 geopolitical zone (the fraction “our heroes past” created for us). So one day, we sat down together and discussed on the most feared topic of National discussion “Our Unity”, we debated on the 1914 amalgamation and seriously there are so many issues that needs to be address now in order to save tomorrow.

After the little section which mostly takes place during free periods, I was told we would have a general platoon debate that evening. As a sport lover, i was mostly involved in coaching our volley team as one of the team coach (I Love volleyball) and in football as part of the coaching crew. But as i sits under our platoon stands that evening , a young man, I’ve never interacted with before approached me.

“Abel, I will be on the podium to represent our platoon for the debate soon, can we discuss some points together?” i stared at him a little, adjusted my seats and asked him to seat down. I didn’t say much but he melted my heart with his love, passion and desire for a better Nigeria. “You will win, i am very sure” that was my last comment as he stood up to climb the podium. A friend who was monitoring our discussion closely, lean on and asked ” Abel, did he study in Nigeria?” “Yes he did, he is a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka” i replied. “Why do you ask?” “Wow! unbelievable, when i left Kano to London, i completely forgotten about this Nigerian Issue until i met Segun, a friend just like him, very passionate about national development, i think from the people have known, after Segun, it is you and now him who is taking this national development thing so serious”

We had to pause our discussion and shift our focus to the debate which was about starting. The first thing Michael told me after winning the debate was; “Abel, thank you for believing in me, there is hope for tomorrow” He might not remember it, but those words are always part of me, each time i think of tomorrow, i remember those words.

These few weeks as i witness the Crocodile dancing in the South eastern region of our dear country all in the name of subduing IPOB. i think of those words “there is hope for tomorrow” I am not a fan of  IPOB, I am a believer of the National development clause. I am not a fan of the Crocodile dance activities (the videos i see i heartbreaking), I am a supporter of the Nigerian army that was created to protect us and defend us.

The greatest weapon that can help build and grow a nation is not sending crocodile after people. As a Fisherman, i have had few encounter with Crocodile and trust me they are not our friends but one of our greatest enemy. During our mini debates back then in NYSC camp, as we discussed, the Federal government did not close the loose ends after the civil war, that is while these pains are coming back to hunt us, and if his excellency, President Buhari is not bold enough to address this issue the right way instead of just subduing it, we may face a disastrous situation tomorrow.

I spoke with few Military general last week and i am convinced of their commitment and determination to the national development clause. I was moved by their humility but sadden by most of the videos emanating from the operation of crocodile dance. Though, they claimed the videos are doctored but we will surely get the truth someday.

The pains before us requires painkillers, comfort, discussion not what we are seeing now. We have lot of challenges already especially unemployment and shifting our economy from “the oil depending clause” to “the national development clause” We have a great future, if we stick together and distribute our resources fairly. To me, let discuss this Biafra issue once and for all, that’s the best way to address it.


Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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