Dear men, this is what we want from you

I guess by now, you should know our values, because that’s the first thing you will see before your first cry. I guess by now, you should know the true value of relationship, because truly we can’t live or survive without each other.

Maybe, they have told you about our pains or the loneliness we face when you seem not to notice us. Maybe, you don’t know this, but you are part of the problem we face every day, sometimes we feel harass by your action, why can’t you just understand a simple “no”? Must we just be subjected to be used not listen to? Have we lost our sense of humanity?

We know you know the value of respect and we wish you can respect and understand our decision when we say “no” and appreciate us when we make you happy. We hope you can understand our sexiness when we crave for you to notice us.  We hope you can truly understand the meaning of “I love you” and meant it when you say it. We hope you can see us as partners and companions, not just sex object to be used and dumb (we are not prostitutes). We hope you can just listen and talk with us not just issue commands and order as if we are your slaves.

We know we are not always right, but please, learn to tolerate us and give us a second chance to make amends. We know you expect so much from us, you want us to love, value and respect you, we accept it, but we also need you to give us what you expect from us, teach us and we will learn, show us and we will never forget it

A little kiss can heal a lot of pains, give us we need it. A hug is always better than a handshake. A timely apology even if we are at fault can build love and strengthen our resolve to give in our all for you. Don’t treat us like strangers, if you need anything ask, if we say no, please understand and don’t make a scene. Life can only be enjoyed if we respect and understand our difference, then love and appreciate our little efforts.


We love and value you.


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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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