At 73, This what I have learned from life

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My story is not different from yours because we are in this journey together, but my experiences are different because they are only unique to me. I am few of what they will call Old school, yes, I believe in the old school knowledge, attitude and togetherness, but I cherish the advancement and technological changes of the new school.

The truth is life seems to be moving so fast that I sometimes wish I can pause it, rewind it and enjoy some more. At 73, I have 2 beautiful children, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchildren. This graduation and life stages makes me to sit down most time and think.

Few years ago I was just a baby crawling, suddenly, I become a mother, I was married, gave birth to two children, then my children gave me 4 children and my granddaughter just gave me another child. I wish I could live some more years to enjoy the best things that life has given us “Family”

I never cherish my family when I was young, because I thought my parents didn’t do enough to give me the best in life, I blame them for forcing me to leave them so early and start a home but each time I sit back and my grandchildren visit me I knew they meant well for me.

As I lie down on my couch reading some great stories on Trendiee I remember I owe you this;

1. Family is your number one treasure, they will always stand by you, cherish them

2. Nothing in this life can replace the power of hope, love and true friendship

3. Anytime you are angry, don’t speak, relax and think before you react

4. Life is in stages, if you don’t like your current stage don’t give up, you will enjoy the next.

5. Your story is different from others, don’t be tempted to compare yourself, you have a different ending.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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