5 Poetic line that can make your love memorable

1. A moment ago before we met,
I guess finding love was too late
I have crushed on you since June
Can we take our love to the Moon?

2. I stared up at your sunshine
and imagine beautiful memories and fun time
will you share those wonderful smile with me?
And encourages these memories to be?

3.If you love me,
If you want me,
If you need me,
Just open up and kiss me.

4. I need your love to be enough
For us to climb up without any regrets
I need your hands to hold me so strong
Because I’m ready to experience home with you.

5. Are you ready for an ending?
I guess I’m done with all the findings,
Please hold my hands let stare at the star
For tomorrow, I will walk you to the altar.

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