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The journal of a writer who was robbed

Am I still a writer? I asked myself most times. I write, I create, I paint, I post and I promote. Sometimes when I stay awake at night trying to combine words to explain the true essence of life, I am bothered by the happening around me.

I saw my post on a journal few hours ago and the person who submitted it was paid £200, when I tried to confront the editor, she told me the person who submitted it was a ghost writer and she apologies to me after I send her the prove that the work was a child of my creativity.

Sorry was all she could say, and the plagiarist had ran away with £200.

Am I still a writer? Sometimes I asked myself, but the things I saw out here most times is alarming. I created a collection of poems sometimes ago to celebrate a good friend and I used a pen name for each of the 25 poems to make it colourful. Few week ago, I saw five of the poems on two well renowned poetry collection without any credits to me or any of my pen names, who did this to me?

Am I still a writer? Most times I wonder, I share a collection of ideas with someone who claims to be my friend few months ago, he was so happy and promise to assist me in linking me up with some brands for digital marketing when I was done, I was so open to him that I unveiled all the tips and tricks of the project but few weeks later, I was hurt when I saw the ads on Television.

When I confronted him,  he threatened to deal with me if I tried anything to stop him from enjoying his sweat. Why are we like this?

Am I still a writer? Sometimes my eyes is tempted to shake off a little and the shower of tears that flows in my lonely moment can cool down a burning fire. But I tried to hide it in the rebounds so that I can keep on the struggle and hustle for a better tomorrow, that the generation after me will enjoy and celebrate the goodness of life.

Am I still a writer? Sometimes, my hands refuses to ink when I tried to organize my thoughts, but I struggle to ink on, because we must tell our stories ourselves, yes they will try to copy it without giving us credits, but they won’t stop our creativity.

Am I still a writer? This stage is hard, life seem not be fair to me,  I just lost my laptop to Street hustlers right here in this unholy environment, and  the plagiarists are up again, copying and making my sleepless life unbearable, how do we confront this?

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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