Wipe your tears, I am not yours

I am sorry I no longer love you
I am sorry I can no longer give my heart to you
I am sorry we can no longer be together
It is not my fault, I tried all my best

You were the most beautiful girl anyone could think of
You have the front and back every girl could dream of
You have a beautiful face other girls wish for
You were popular among the boys and men

I fell so heavily for you and you refused to catch me
I spent two years explaining and proving my love to you
I fought for your love, attention but you never cared
You always looked down and talked down on me

I remember how I used to be crazy over you
I remember how I used to call you every morning
I remember how you nag at me whenever I visit you
I remember how I begged for your love every evening

Now that I have found someone I am truly in love with
Now that I am happy in the arms of another
You have come out from nowhere claiming you love me
You have showed up with tears to win my heart

You said you were testing me to see if I was real
But let me tell you what is real
I have moved on and I am happy you treated me that way
If not, I would not have met this Angel that I am in love with

She may not have the back or front you have
But she has the perfect front and back for me
Nothing is going to make me change my mind
Why should I let go of a diamond and play with sand?

I wish you peace and happiness
I wish you love and success
But clean those tears from your eyes
Because they won’t bring me back to you

Written by Mfon Abel Ekene

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Written by Abel Abel

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