This Is What Real Love Is

Love is me, sitting on my desk composing a love letter to you,
thinking by chance you will see it and find me so that we can begin this journey together.
“Sweet heart I don’t think I can face this loneliness any longer”

Love is those sweet words you think in your head even when you can’t say it, your actions and compassion do the talking for you
“Honey, I got nowhere to hide, Love is starring at me”

Love is the Smile that brighten the sun, shade the rain and inspire the moon to light our paths.
“My love, I feel like the World is my shoulder ”

Love is the touch of hope that makes pains and sadness disappears, a commitment and a reason to look forward to a better tomorrow.
“My heart beat, can I lean on you? ”

Love is a second chance, the first kiss, the first touch, a patient smile and your gentle hand on my shoulder.
“My pride, where can I meet you?”

Love is accepting me for who I am, my flaws, my tears, my strength, my weakness and everything you can think of.
“My Happiness, I feel like seeing you today”

Please come, Let take love by the hand
and show the World the real meaning of love.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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