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Is Mr President Sick?

We were about closing the office when I received the email, the press statement from the State house.
It wasn’t the best of time, because we just lost a media deal from one of our biggest partners. And my brother was still on phone with them trying to understand why they decided to foul us in May.

“You have done a great job, I must commend you, but the recession has really affected us, we don’t have much money for promotion, we have even sacked about 20 staff, it’s not in our policy to… ” I could hear them talking on phone, I was seriously sweating, if we don’t reactivate the deal, it’s was going to be a very hard May for us and probably before we bounce back it may reach July, How do we pay our intern? How do we pay for hosting? How do we pay for data? What about food? So much was going through my mind, it is true;it’s not easy for young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

“Abel! Abel!! Abel!!!” Segun one of our intern echoed my name from the office , I nearly fainted, because each time he calls me like that, it’s either he didn’t finish his task or something very alarming has happened, these young undergraduates they know how to get what they want.

When he emerge from the Office,”Boss mi, come and see ooo ” he showed me the press statement from the State house, funny, I have given them my official email password.
” If you want them to learn and be successful, be very open to them” that has been our guiding principles in our media house.

“Boss, is the President Sick?” Habilah one of our newest intern asked.
By this time, my brother was through with his call, his mood alone didn’t allow me to ask him how they resolved the issue, I knew May was going to be hard for us. We have lost almost all.

“Boss” Habilah tap me, I almost forgot myself, “Oh! Sorry, so what was the question again?”
“Is Mr President Sick?” he showed me the tweet from the President handle

My eyes was still on my brother, my mind was racing through so many possibilities, the reality of the recession was beginning to be real. Things are so hard, How do we even get here?

“Habilah, the recession has affected everyone, even Mr President is affected, recession is one of the deadliest sickness”

My reply brought about an uncommon silence in the office, once a very lively house became so dull that tears mistakenly started falling from nowhere.

As we stood in that silence, I appreciated the effort of my Parent, I remembered the time we used to stand in line asking them for money for things we thought were so important to us like sweets and candies, I remembered the night my mother had to go out in the night to look for ingredients to prepare Afang soup for us because we had refused to eat the rice and stew he had prepared for us.

“People” My brother echoed.
“The President is going for a medical check up, he needs our prayers, can we lock up?”

Mercy pull down the blinds, Habilah and Tayo drag in the generator, while Segun, my brother and I, just stood starring at two women quarreling across the street.
Surely recession has destroyed many relationship, How did we even get here?

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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