Let Me Be The One

When the sun refuses to shine
and the rain becomes a present tense,
let me be the lips that will clean your tears,
the eyes you will look up for answers
and the shoulder you can always lean on.

When you sleep and wake up every morning
and you are confused on what to do,
let me be your first kiss,
your first smile, your first touch
your praying partner
and your voice even when you can’t say a word.

When you are so eager to fight
and you are afraid of the so called mood,
Just put on your gloves and jump into the ring,
and let me be the refree, your partner and the audience.

When you are ready for this great adventures,
and you can boldly shame past hurts and tears,
let me to be your genesis and your revelation,
your GPS to locate our bearings
and your pen to ink your beauty for history.

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