4th letter to my future my wife

Dear future wife,

I am here again today, I hope you are not too busy, I am in the mood of writing you again today… I don’t know if it will be long but I am going say some silly things too

I just burnt my hands while trying to remove the pot from the gas cooker. It hurts and I don’t know how long the pain will last. But I know if you were here the pain will disappear tonight because I am sure with your magic touch, every pain in my body will run away.

Can I tell you something? I made a bad business decision and I am very broke right now. I have just a little money in my bank. I have been thinking how I will survive till next month. But I know if you were here, you will manage this little I have and it will seem as if we are living in Paradise.

Darling… I saw this lovely dress on my way home today. It was so beautiful and I bet it will look good on you. I wish I can buy it for you. So that you can put it on after dinner before we turn off the light.

I just noticed my nails are long… Can you come and help me cut it sweetie? I promise I will do your manicure and pedicure in return. I am very good at it, I have learnt to do it because of you.

My Queen, I have a proposal to write and I have just 3 days left to submit. This proposal if successful can change our story forever. Right know, I seems lost and I don’t know where to start from. Can you sing for me so I can get inspiration?

Baby, I have a little confession, there is how I am feeling this night. Do you know that thing? That thing? I mean that thing? I wish you were here we will fight a little wrestling tonight.

Do you know I am very good at wresting? I fight better than John Cena… We can try wrestling in the Sitting room, in the other room and in the kitchen and I will still win. If I win, you must promise me I will have the TV to myself all week to watch as many football matches as I wish and you watch with me, but if you win, I promise you will have the TV to yourself to watch as many movies as you wish and I will watch with you.

Honey, I wish I can write more but my hands that was burnt in the kitchen is hurting. I will have to stop here.

Please can you write to me? I just want to know that you are there thinking of me too.

I cannot wait to know and meet you soon.

Take care, let me go start training and preparation for our first wrestling match.

I love you

I remain yours to be,

Mfon Abel Ekene​

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