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100 Clever Ways to Change Your Habits and Improve Your Life

Most people are in a constant pursuit to improve their lives. Changing your habits, outlook, and everyday living can go a long way to making your life more like you want it to be. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 ways to make your life better.


These are some of the more general ways you can improve your life.

1.Be proactive: Plan ahead to nip problems before they even start.

2.Cut down on your impact: Reduce the level of waste that you bring into the world.

3.Wake up earlier: Get more time out of your day by waking up earlier.

4.Smile: Feel better about yourself and get a more positive outlook by putting a smile on your face.

5.Accept failure: Know that you won’t succeed all of the time-but focus on your successes.

6.Realize you can’t always get what you want: Learn to accept downfalls and work with them.

7.Plan ahead: Planning can help you be prepared for fitness, health, happiness, and more.

8.Accept that you can’t control everything: You can’t stop the rain, strikes, or control other people-learn to work with what you’ve got.

9.Realize that every second is precious: Live every day like it’s your last, because someday it just might be.


Medical professionals agree that these healthy habits will improve your quality of life.

10.Eat a morning breakfast daily: Studies show that overall, daily breakfast eaters tend to be more healthy than others, so embrace this habit every day.

11.Get physical activity: Make sure you have regular exercise in order to ensure long term health.

12.Boost your energy: Make an effort to boost your energy naturally.

13. Make your workouts more intense: Do more intense workouts to get better benefits than a relaxed session.

14.Get outside: Get more physical activity, fresh air, and space to breathe by spending more time outside.

15.Get a good night’s rest: Sleep seven to ten hours every night to avoid the pitfalls of not getting enough sleep.

16.Eat fish twice a week: By eating fish twice a week, you’ll increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart.

17.Take a walk every day: Get your legs moving to reduce your chance of premature death.

18. Stop smoking: Improve your health, finances, appearance, and quality of life by putting out your cigarettes.

19. Eat healthy snacks: Eat fruits or vegetables as a snack to boost your good health.

20.Stay hydrated: Allow your organs to work properly and keep your joints healthy by drinking enough water.

21.Practice good dental hygiene: Researchers have reported that bacteria from dental plaque can enter your bloodstream and cause an array of problems, including heart disease and diabetes.

22.Eat dairy: Get your calcium to make sure you have strong bones, teeth, and even lose weight while maintaining muscle.

23.Eat more slowly: Improve your digestion and health by eating your food slower.

24.Drink tea: Tea can improve your memory, prevent cavities, cancer, and heart disease.

25.Protect your skin: Stay out of the sun and avoid overexposure to reduce skin damage.

Career & Finance

You can improve your career and finance through these habits and actions.

26.Cut down your debt: Improve your finances by ridding yourself of the debt you have to pay off.

27.Leave your work behind: Let your work stay where it needs to be- work.

28.Practice collaboration: Work with others, asking for help and offering it where needed.

29.Diversify: Ensure that you have multiple sources of income to give yourself security.

30. Keep an emergency fund: Build an emergency fund to give yourself a financial safety net.

31.Don’t be a jerk: Play well with others to improve your career and get more done.

32.Write better: Improve your writing skills to communicate more effectively.

33.Step up your resume: Improve your resume to give yourself career options.

34.Save for retirement: Improve your future life by putting money aside for your retirement.

35.Practice frugality: Save money and live more simply by being frugal

36.Join professional groups: Network and improve your career by joining a professional association.

37.Go into business for yourself: Start your own business to improve your career and quality of life.

Social Life

Make your social life better by following these tips.

38.Join a club: Take part in a club, such as a book club or cooking club to get social connections and meet new people.

39.Throw a party: Invite others over for a party and spend some time with people you care about.

40.Let friends come and go: Realize that not all of your friends will stay with you, but some may come back eventually.

41.Find a friend: Carefully nurture and grow your friendships for comfort, self esteem, and companionship.

42.Be friendly with everyone: Spread a positive attitude and make others feel good, and you’ll feel better in return.

43. Volunteer: Feed your soul, do some good, and be a part of your community by offering yourself as a volunteer.

44. Realize not everyone will love you: Accept the fact that you’re not for everyone.


Give your technology habits and life a boost with these tips.

45.Telecommute remotely: Use remote control computing software to use your office PC from wherever you’re working.

46.Learn keyboard shortcuts: Make your work faster and more streamlined by using keyboard shortcuts.

47.Use automatic hard drive backups: Give yourself peace of mind and back up your data without even thinking about it.

48.Use a smaller device instead of a laptop: On your next trip, replace your laptop with an iPod or a thumb drive that will allow you to access your documents without having to lug a machine around.


These habits will help you be happier in life.

49. Live in the moment: Plan for the future, but enjoy what’s currently happening.

50. Make social connections: Experts agree that communal activities are good for your physical and mental health.

51.Celebrate yourself: Embrace who you are by being happy and comfortable with yourself.

52. Stop being a perfectionist: Learn to let go of obsessive perfection, and you’ll be much more satisfied with life.

53.Stay positive: Keep an optimistic outlook to feel better about your life.

54.Find a hobby: Find a relaxing, enjoyable activity to live healthier and be happier.

55.Give up a little sleep: When it’s worth it, give up on your sleep to have some fun and enjoy life.

56. Be satisfied with what you have: Someone else will always have more-so don’t compete, but appreciate what you have.

57.Enhance your self confidence: Work to improve your view of yourself.

58.Spend time with a child: Spend a little time with a child to get a look at their unique perspective on the world.

59. Avoid taking things too personally: Don’t make the mistake of thinking everything is about you.

60.Quit nagging: Stop the cycle of nagging and give your relationships a break.

61.Practice being optimistic: Keep a positive mindset to have better things in your life.

Mental Health

Follow these tips to preserve your mental health.

62.Avoid jumping to conclusions: Don’t take action on your assumptions-make sure you’re right before moving forward.

63.Read the classics: Improve your mind by reading classic books.

64.Don’t always trust your emotions: Just having a feeling doesn’t mean something is true.

65.Let go of worry: Reduce your anxiety by letting go of worry and letting the future come.

66.Cut down on technology: Don’t let your devices run your life-unplug every now ant then.

67.Think every day: Whether you’re meditating or just exploring your thoughts, take some time to think daily.

68.Let little things go: Don’t let minor irritations get to you-just let them go.

69.Learn a new language: Learn how to speak a new language to stimulate your mind and open up more possibilities for yourself.

70.Step out of your comfort zone: Break your routine and do something bold-talk to a new person or be spontaneous.

71.Accept your imperfections: Acknowledge your needs for improvement, and aim to work on them.

72.Spend time doing what you love: Whether it means starting a career you love, or just adopting a hobby, commit to doing what makes you happy.

73.Learn something new: Expand your knowledge by making it a point to always be learning something new.

74.Let go of the past: Don’t let what’s happened in the past dictate your future.

75.Minimize dramatics: Avoid making mountains out of molehills-it will only increase your anxiety.

76.Dream big: Be ambitious, and take definite steps to achieve your goals.

77.Spend time debating: Learn new ideas and get mental stimulation by debating with someone else.

78.Stop overgeneralizing: Don’t let a single event determine a lasting trend.

79.Let go of your made up rules: Often your own personal “oughts” and shoulds” can hold you back.

By Satisfaction

These habits will help improve your satisfaction in life.

80.Remind yourself of progress: Let your completed to do lists linger so you can remember all that you’ve done.

81. Set goals: Give yourself something to shoot for and achieve by setting goals.

82.Give thanks: Take time to be thankful of the gifts in your life.

83.Recognize your talent: Find out what your talent or gift is, and do everything you can to nurture it.


These habits will help you stay more productive.

84.Keep a clean inbox: Empty your email inbox so you’ll have a clean slate to work with.

85.Check in only once a day: Check email, social media sites, and other distractions only once per day.

86.Don’t let setbacks get you down: You can’t win all the time-but don’t let your failures get in the way of moving forward.

87.Stop multitasking: Take on one task at a time to be more productive and effective.

Mind Hacks

These mind hacks will help you improve your life.

88.Focus: You can remember everything if you consider everything as vital.

89.Use catchphrases: Keep ideas active, like “fake it til you feel it.”

90.Sleep on it: Make better decisions and solve problems by sleeping on them before you take action.

91.Make use of the Internet: Sharpen your brain by using the Internet often.

92.Be active: Take notes, think, and read to keep your mind active.

93.Write things down: Make things more concrete by putting them down on paper.

The Little Things

The little things count-make them better with these habits.

94.Make it easier to find your keys: Make your trip out the door just a bit easier by finding a handy key spot.

95.Get your laundry wrangled: Stop letting laundry take over your life.

96.Cut down on TV: Reduce your TV exposure or even eliminate it to get out there and enjoy life more.

97.Make your wallet slimmer: Cut down on your back breaking wallet.

98.Create a landing strip: Put together a special place for your mail, work bags, and other accessories when you get home.

99.Keep a tidy desk: Avoid lost items, and keep everything you need close at hand with a tidy desk.

100.Reduce your cable clutter: Get your computer cables wrangled and clean up the birds’ nest behind your computer.

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