Forget What You Were Told, Police Are Suffering Too!

By Abel Udoekene

On the morning, the Lagos State Police release the statement placing a ban on the plan nationwide protest by Innocent Ujah Idibia better known as 2face or 2baba and the rest of us, I was watching a commentary on the Women March that was organized in the United States and I was moved to tears when I discover the extent to which people can go to express their disappointment in a cause.

As a Law Abiding citizen and a man who believes that things should be done right, I had to look through the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and carefully analyze the meaning of peaceful protest from the dictionary.

Like a friend once told me, someone can read Law in School but he or she does not know “The Law”, he cites so many wonderful examples, you may argue but to me, I believe him, because I’m surprised even though the Police cited “Intelligence report” as their reason for banning the protest, there is more that meet the eyes than the report.

I have at least 5 DPO’s as close friends, and one thing I learn about the police force is that even though most of their actions and inaction has placed them in our bad books, there is still that elements of the human sympathy in their blood. It maybe true that hoodlums may hijacked the protest based on their report, but like I discussed with one of them, the police are also feeling this hardship and it will be wise for them to join and even lead the protest.

I’m saying this because the era of roadblocks and N50 collection is back, I had to come down on a commercial vehicle last two weeks to shut at them, because the traffic they caused was not something to behold, they threatened to arrest me for assault, but after all the long drama.
“oga na Buhari cause am” I wanted to say there was always roadblocks before Buhari comes into power, but his explanation of the exchange rate and other issues just settle the case.

I accompanied them on their van, after delaying me for over 2 hours, we discussed, argue and they drove me down to where I was going.
When I stepped down on their van and they drove off, I remembered I should have collected their phone numbers, so that I can set up a discussion with them.

I know the big Boss in the office, May not feel the pain of this Buhari economy, because apart from receiving orders from the top, they also receive some benefit from those that give them these orders. But seriously, there is Hardship in the land.

I heard someone argued that Buhari, Tinubu and the rest staged an Occupy Naija protest against the government of Goodluck Jonathan in Lagos and the Police did not stop them, please I want to correct some impression (though this is purely my opinions and my thoughts).

Let us understand that the Police in Lagos State like other States received orders From the Chief Security Officer of the state, the Governor. If you rewind back a little, you will know that Lagos State Government was APC When Buhari and his team were protesting, so they couldn’t have been any intelligent reports to ban the protest. If you fast forward to this one, the case is different. If Tuface was organizing the protest in Ekiti or Rivers States, I bet you even the Governor of those States including the police commissioners will be in the front line leading the protest. That’s the nation we find ourselves.

I want to use this medium to ask the Lagos State commissioner of Police to allow his men lead the protest. It is very good to stand with the President, that’s solidarity but at the same time this is a democracy,and this protest is not organised by PDP or any political party but by Nigerians who are saying Enough is Enough.

My Name is Abel and I’m saying Enough Is Enough, I support the Protest!

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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