This Is When I Will Unlove You

By Jan Clemente

I will unlove you when my tears start to dry up. When My frowns turn into smile again. When the darkness on my face begins to light up.

I will unlove you as soon as I begin holding someone else’s hand. As soon as someone treats me better. Better than you should have.

I will unlove you when my nightmares stop. When I stop calling your name at night. When I feel strong enough to sleep on my own.

I will unlove you as soon as tomorrow comes. As soon as the rain starts to plummet. So no one could hear me cry in pain.

I will unlove you when my heart gets tired. When it no longer wants to do anything anymore. When it stops beating for you.

I will unlove you as soon as acceptance comes. As soon as I see you happy with him. Happiness I was not given the chance to give you.

I will unlove you when the sun meets the moon. When the season changes from summer to fall. When I fall into someone else’s arms.

I will unlove you as soon as forever is enough. As soon as the burning pain in my chest is healed. Until I have buried the love I have for you into the deepest layer of my heart.

I will unlove you with every fiber of my being. With all the strength I could gather. When this is the only choice I have left.
This is when I will unlove you.

About The Author
Jan Clemente is a corporate slave from Manila.He Likes to write about life, love, and experiences.

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