This Website Knows Everything About You (Even Your Future)

By Joel Lee

We all share way too much information on the web. If you think you’re the exception, you may be surprised by the mistakes you’re making. Oversharing is generally harmless… until it’s not.

What’s even scarier is the rapid pace at which technology is advancing. Did you know that there exists a website that can take all of the information that’s available on you and piece together who you are as a person?

It can even use this data to extrapolate your future.
It’s like we’re living in an episode of Black Mirror .
The tool is called Predictive World and the premise is simple: log in using your Facebook account and it will pull information based on your profile. (You can choose the more anonymous route and only enter your age and gender, but your predictions will be less accurate.)

After everything is analyzed, you’ll be able to explore dozens of statistics and predictions , including your life expectancy, your risk of being murdered in the next decade, how likely you are to take career risks, and even your entrepreneurial potential.

All of this is a collaborative project between the University of Cambridge and Watch Dogs 2 , a game that explores the dangers of an increasingly interconnected world.
Website — Predictive World

Give it a try and let us know how accurate you think it is. I was surprised by the results and I don’t think it was far off for me.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

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