To Know Love Is To know Yourself

“Love is a bit of a mystery, at least to me it is. You may have figured it out, but I find that love is a bit like stumbling through the dark with your flashlight in your pocket. You feel secure because you have a light, but you are lost and you have no idea where you are going.” Sean Swaby.

Sean has just described the way I feel when the Word Love is mention. To me, Finding love is a mystery, a journey, that I find so hard to explain. You are like a driver without any direction “Where ever love leads, you follow, who ever seem lovely, you appreciate and whoever is bold enough to accept you , you cherish”

Loving someone takes courage, because it’s not easy to open up to someone you barely know.. “Hello” it slowly start, before you know, you have informed him or her about your dreams, your secrets, your past and everything worth knowing, then suddenly you becomes friend, then lovers and then the big question, will you marry me?

Love is not for cowards because it’s only cowards that equate love with sex and money. “If you love me, prove it” proving it to them maybe sex or money, but once the urge is fulfil, the so called love disappears, then they move over to the next passenger.

A mother and a newborn baby define love as being perfect, without any reservation, forgiving and accommodating, for the mother, she could do anything for the the baby, to the child, her mother’s arm is the sweetest and the safest place to be.

It’s very simple – to know love is to love yourself. You only have one you, so In order to know love and appreciate it. You must know and fall in love with yourself everyday. When you start loving yourself more everyday, your relationship and everything will start to improve

Which is why you need to :

1. Focus more on yourself than on others approval.
2. Distance yourself from people who look down on you.
3. Do something everyday that put smiles on your face
4. Let go of your past and move one
5. Be honest with yourself about everything.
6. Be Kind to others.
7. Live your life without any regret or apologies.
8. Don’t compare your journey with others.
9. Write your own story, forget fantasies.
10. Start telling yourself “I matter”

The truth is, just like sadness, hatred and anger, love is something we can choose and we can start right now.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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