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Will MMM Crash?

I am tempted not to say anything on MMM but as an entrepreneur, a social media strategist and the Brand representative of Nigeria today, I have a duty to interact with people in order to help all of us grow.

For those of us who are still skeptical about MMM, let me say this now, MMM is real. For those who are into it, it is good while it is still hot.

We have received series of messages on MMM over the last few weeks and it will be in human on our part not to do the needful in order to help others who may have similar questions.

It was these questions and similar other questions that prompted us to set up a new project at (a question and answer website) which I strongly recommend that you register (free of charge), join in the conversation, ask questions, answer questions and foster business relationship.

The success recorded by MMM in terms of payment of earning, networking and connection is alarming, over 1 million people have sign up in just few month and still counting. And it is interesting to know that the rating is still very high.

Our interactions with most of our readers and MMM guiders over the last few weeks have centered on one thing “The sustainability of the scheme”. Most people are concerned about the interest rates, for instance, putting in 18,000 naira and collecting 33,000 naira (Registration bonus plus 30% interest) within 30 days is so good to be true.

The major questions we encountered include “Where do they get the 30%?”

“Who is multiplying this money?”

“Is MMM real? ”

“How can I find a guider? ”

“Has MMM Crash? ”

While we try to seek answers to these questions and others we are motivated by the Entrepreneurial prospects that MMM has brought. Most people who have never talked for decades, like a man we interview yesterday, re-united with his friend after 7 years because of MMM. People are looking for Downlines everywhere even in Church.

We were on the street yesterday to interact and engage with people on MMM, 30% of the people we interview who were yet to join the scheme said they were afraid it will soon crash, 40% said their pastors said it’s evil, 25% are willing to join but need more information and clarification, while the remaining 15% don’t just have any reason but are determined not to join.

For those who were into it, 55% join because of their friends and family, 25% join for the money and the remaining 20% join because they don’t want to be left out.

Funny as most of the statistics are, the truth is fair. The chances of MMM succeeding is 100% and the chances of MMM crashing is 100%. In our next line of articles we will explain these in details.

But let me leave you with this, I chatted with a senior personnel of MMM sometimes last week and he emphases the spare money tag written boldly on their website (

“invest only your spare money” he said “that’s what we keep informing people, Abel, I understand your fears, but let me shock you, as long as people are investing and people are asking for help, MMM will not crash, forget about the 30%, that’s our problem, if you have not join us, let me be your referer” he added.

All Entrepreneur knows that every business is a risk, if you are in, please we love to hear your feedback, share your story with us on, just create an account and post your story let interact, if you are not in, let us hear your story too.

Happy new month, Enjoy November.

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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