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If You Truly Love Your Partner Ask Them This Questions

The excitement of getting into a relationship can be extremely high, but the truth is, staying and maintaining a relationship needs a lot of work and commitment.

Through research and experience,we have come to understand that good Communication leads to a long, lasting and a happy relationship, but one may ask “What makes a good communication?” or “what makes communication meaningful?”

Finding a good answer to the question above and others like that is very crucial in a relationship.
Because when it’s comes connecting and building a long Lasting bond with your partner, understanding and communication is very important.

Communication is not just about the chit-chat and the story telling, communication requires passion, attention and honesty.
Here are three questions you must ask your partner if you truly love him/her:

1. Are you happy with the way our relationship is going?

Once in a while, you need to sit down with your partner and review your relationship. A relationship without any direction or goal is no relationship. Your ability to sit with your partner from time to time to discuss about the way your relationship is headed is a key for a long Lasting and a happy relationship.

2. What is your biggest fear?
It is important to know your partner concerns from time to time, so that you will know how best to assist them. Don’t allow a day to pass by without asking your partner, how he or she is fairing.

3. What should we do differently?
Maybe you had plans for your relationship or your kids but it’s just not working as you would have expected.
Instead of feeling lonely and disappointed, discuss with your partner and look for what you can do differently to salvage the situation.

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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