Finding True Love: 3 Red Sign To Avoid

Poet, Scientist, writers, philosopher, religious fanatics and many others have all added their voice to define and explain how to find true love, Some, in their own knowledge have even come to a conclusion that love does not exist and a closer look at their findings may convince you to believe in their results, yet despite all their research and stories people are still in constant search for love and comfort. What could be the problem?

I recently wrote a poem on ‘When not to love’ and the poet that criticised it compelled me to modify the theme, her idea was simply, “If your tears could speak, have a closer look at them, listen carefully, what are they telling you?” We argue, discuss and come to a conclusion “Love will always be love no matter who or what is involved”

As we continue, we discover that the rate of heart breaks is growing by the second, people profess love yet they don’t mean it. To most people, “I Love you” is just a sound that has no real meaning, anybody can say it to anyone without thinking of the implications. But does that change the true meaning of love?

Sometimes ago, we received two sealed envelope from one of our faithful reader from Australia and one envelope was full with questions, why the other was full with praises. I read the two side by side, then I came to understand that, the reason most people cry is not because they are weak, it because they care so much and are willing to do anything to keep love closer to them all the days of their life.

While your search for purpose and true love is on, it is very vital that you avoid the following red sign:

1. The Feeling of not wanted

It’s so easy to fall in love and it’s also so easy to be heart broken. Falling in love with the right person offers you the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the true nature of God.
Love is sweet no matter what they tell you or what you learn and love is beautiful as long as you do it well.
The feeling of not wanted is a very bad one, once you started feeling that you are not wanted it’s very easy to lose the game.

2. Running Away from Mistakes

Some people jump up and shout once a mistake present itself instead of sitting down to communicate. A mistake is always an opportunity for you to understand your partner, stop running away from it, face it and watch your love life grow.
Remember, true over forgive easily.

3. People’s Complaints

If you want to succeed or you want your love life to have a firm foundation, stop listening to people’s opinion of your partner and start appreciating the values that brought you together.
People will always talk, 80% of what they will tell you will always be a lie. Each time you are confronted with complain about your partner welcome them but avoid their opinion. Your love life is your business not theirs, your love is your love not theirs.

True love exist, be closer to God, learn from him, He is the greatest teacher when it’s comes to love.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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