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8 Things Every Graduate Must Know

The rate of unemployment is growing everyday,from our survey, only 23 % of Nigerian Graduate have been employed in the last 5 years. The song on most people lips are skill acquisition and entrepreneurship but the question many pundit asked is; Does education still has value?

In the early 60’s and below, they used to be a job fair for graduate to pick their choice job immediately after graduation but now, graduate are ‘somehow’ forced against their will to do a skill and Acquisition program “popularly called SAED” during their youth service year.

While “SAED” is good because of the explanation that “there is no Job” and by implications, all graduate must learn any skill that will sustain them after spending 5 years or more to study a course which they may not even have anything to do with after graduating. It is pertinent that government and policy makers understand the risk these people are passing through.

As a Nigerian graduate with a lot of dreams and potential, I have been challenge to have a critical look at our declining education system and the way our government deals with issue of unemployment, the sad truth is “If nothing is done to address this situation now, our system may collapse very soon.

The challenge every graduate face is the same all over the World, but as a developing nation, we have fail greatly in appreciating and recognising the talent and brains we have, and since federal and state employment is “Man knows man” the man on the other side is relegated to the Supreme thing called “fate”

As a graduate, these 11 tips will go a long way to assist you in achieving your dreams.

1. Find a mentor

I am a farmer, a blogger, a teacher and a social media strategist. As a farmer, I have three farmers that inspires my dream to go into farming. As a blogger, I have a blogger who citicise all my blog post and provide me with a good platform to perform very well. As a teacher, I have many lecturers who keep reminding me that I will be a good lecturer. As a social media strategist, from Sean Gardner to Aaron Lee, I have find myself great model to follow.

We all have dreams and desire and the earth is rich to provide us with the space to achieve them if we are ready and willing to achieve them.. Find a mentor.

2. Be Willing To Learn.

Knowledge is acquired through learning. There is no better substitute for learning, no matter what you know, you can’t know it all, a new skill can open a new door for you. So never stop learning.

3. Be humble.

Pride is not a good career,find humility and your life will be smooth and beautiful. No matter how much you know, with pride you are nothing. Be humble, stay humble and enjoy the ride.

4. People Matter.

Life is all about relationships no matter how you see it. Value and appreciate people, always look for ways to create and build relationship, a life without good relationship is not a happy life.
Remember, no matter how technological the World gets, real connection will always happens through people. So, people matters, Love and value them.

5. Provide Value

No matter where you find yourself after graduating, no matter how small the place may look like, provide value, someone somewhere is watching, one day your value will talk for you.

6. Not every Job is for you.

Don’t be a person of anything goes, know your value and know what you can do, sometimes it not all about the money, it’s about your personality. Don’t jump at every opportunity, think twice before saying yes.

7. Don’t give up.

The sun may not be too bright but your clothes will dry if you leave it there longer. There is an opportunity that is waiting for you, don’t rest, keep searching, don’t give up until you get it.

8. Transparency is a good virtue.

If you are faithful with little, you will achieve the impossible. Don’t look at the trend of event and tilt to the other side. There is always good news if you keep being on the good side.

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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