Here are 10 signs that he is cheating

The usual suspects
He comes home late and heads straight to the washroom. While there, he tries to hide the lipstick stains on his shirt, he tries to rid himself of the feminine scent hovering around him, all because they will be the damning evidence of his secret, his betrayal.

All of a sudden, his working days are longer, maybe he even has to travel

Working late once in awhile is understandable but when it becomes quotidian, then there’s your hint: he is most likely cheating. Investigate: is his working late being accompanied by increased lifestyle expenses on drinks, meals, hotels and others that don’t . These are clear pointers that he probably fooling around.

He deletes his text messages
If he deletes his text messages these days, he is definitely hiding something from you. Pay attention.

He’s not present
Even when he’s physically present with you, his mind is off wandering about. He looks distant and inattentive. He’s probably thinking of the other woman, my sister.

He takes a lot more trouble over his appearance
Whether that means stepping up his dressing game, a sudden, heavy use of aftershave, or an infatuation with the gym and lifting weights – he’s onto something.

There’s a new adventure that is inspiring all the appearance sensitivity. He wants to look good for the other woman. Also, take note: does he shower before coming to bed? Does he clean up his car’s interior when he gets home? Your guess is as good as mine..

He avoids being alone with you

If your partner avoids being in the same room alone with you even when it is bedtime, it may be a sign that he is having an affair. He finds ways to hide it to spend alone time with his new found love.

He stops noticing you

You can go for a new makeover, buy new clothes – especially underwear – and he wouldn’t even notice or appreciate you. Even when he ‘makes an effort’ to be with you, he doesn’t reallynotice you. His attention is elsewhere.

Your intuition is screaming at you that he’s having an affair

If you feel that your partner is cheating, chances are, he is. You may not be able to substantiate what your intuition is saying, but that doesn’t stop it being true.

Your intuition isn’t partisan: it doesn’t have an agenda. It doesn’t want you to hold onto this man at all costs. It just tells you the truth that it picks up from a thousand subtle clues.

His accusations that you’re jealous and/or crazy

Attack is a cheater’s best form of defence. These are classic ploys for making you doubt yourself. Unless you are a habitually jealous person, you need to trust your gut.

When he suddenly starts being overly nice

When your partner is suddenly agreeing with you on issues when on a normal day it’ would have been petty arguments, then start to suspect that the sudden influx of pleasantries has a back story.

If he allows you to have your way, especially at the expense of stuff that he really enjoys like watching football – then he most probably is doing it out of guilt or as part of a desire to deflect suspicion.

He will normally treat you like a queen, with uncharacteristic sweetness, all in a bid to take your mind off the clues of infidelity that he might have mistakenly dropped.

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