Saturday Digest : Soaked In Patriotism, Nigeria We Hail Thee

Just like the fireworks of the New year, the unending celebration and Joy of Christmas and the love and happiness that flows when friends gathered to celebrate a birthday, October 1st brings to light the documented day of freedom for Nigeria and Nigerians.

Sometimes, some day and somewhere our story of Freedom awoken the music line of our heroes past, just like the golden song of a reggae legend, Eric Donaldson from Jamaica “This is the land of my birth…I will never leave her shore, I will never run away” But it is enough to wonder whether we “the people” are patriotic enough to sing along as we celebrate 56 years of documented independence.

As I watched some Children dance and sing along the street in the tone of Faze “Orginality” which declares that the society and the country belong to them, a warning from African China strikes my heart, because the way we are going, “I think ‘Well’ is quite close” but the chorus is something we need to echo out loud at time like now “Mr President lead us well…. if you be police, police us well.. If you be senator, Senate us well, no let this country to fall inside well”

As I progress further, a verse from Timi Dakolo song Great Nation reads “here we stand as a people with one heart and one cause…. We believe in this nation and and we know we will get there”
Get to where? my inner voice asked… A country where we will all be proud of, so beautiful as Timi Dakolo will add.

But my worry was magnify when “There was a country” a great book by one of our heroes past,Chinua Achebe fall down from my shelf this morning, are we truly on the right path? What is actually going on with the best brains the World has ever seen – “The Nigerian youths”

As I try to redefine my belive and my pledge to a country I so much love, the song that resounds Smiling and suffering by Fella, echoes into my head from no where. Mixed with a beautiful piece by a legend, Tuface Idibia song “with the power of Naija, walking together,victory is ours… we are champion”

Then I began to imagine the strength, the potentials and the ideas embedded in every young Nigerians who are not interested in eating the National cake as most of our modern day politicians are, but are motivated by the larger picture of the Nigeria dream project.. Total freedom not just documented freedom

We are Nigerians!
We are Victorious in all things!!
We are champions!!!
We shall overcome one day!!!!

Happy Independence day!!!

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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