Saturday Digest: I Am From Africa

“Born” in Africa, “School” in Africa and “live” in Africa . Any African with such credentials deserve commendation.

Few months ago, I was so much in love with the build up to United States November 8 Presidential election. From Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz to Bernie Sander and eventual winners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I followed every debate, campaign trains and fundraising dinners, a big thank you to the social media.

My discoveries is surprisingly not different from the African setting, from Donald Trump outburst on election rigging,Tax evasion to corruption allegations and sex scandal, the United States seems to be far ahead of others in all of them, even though they pretend to be saint in goat clothing, a big thanks to Donald Trump for finally telling us the truth about America.

As I have clearly noted, we seems to copy the bad side of everything from the West, modify it and use it against ourselves, while we ignore the good side and allow our people to continue suffering.

The normal African culture of love and respect to Elders has been thrown into the dustbin of history. For instance, like the issue of Marriage, My grandfather informed us that our ancestors understand “Traditional marriage” where the husband’s family visit the wife family with gifts and the two family will be join together in love, according to him, marriage to them was “till death do us part” and the issue of white wedding which we have adopted from the West was not visible then. Marriage as at that time last longer than now.

Today, we will do Traditional wedding, court wedding and white wedding and surprisingly, we have also imported the divorce syndrome from the West, we now have people that are nuisance to the marriage institution.

Some 24 hours back, Femi Fani-Kayode was arrested by the operatives of the Economic and Financial crime commission on grounds we are still trying to find out. While I am totally in support of the fight against corruption, we “the People” must understand that our Constitution promote due process.

The issue of his arrest, just like the arrest of those noble Judges would have been justified if due process was followed. The fight against corruption is something we must all support, no matter who is involved, a corrupt Judge is worst than an armed robber, but arresting people without due process is not accommodated by our Constitution.

“Some years ago, some people came to our land, steal our culture away from us, force us to learn new ways, it will take us hundreds of years to recover” A Professor From Ghana once told me. While it is not entirely true, we have lost our ways, the ethnic struggle, communal crisis, religious struggle is not taking us anyway. The earlier we realize that the success of African is in Africa, the better for all of us.

I am an African, I am proud of my heritage.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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