10 Things You Need To Know About Sex

Arm yourself with these sex facts and you will have a lovely and a happier relationship. ( Please note, this is strictly for the Married folks )

1. Sex burns three to four calories of fat per minute.

2. Exercise is good for sex, try Kegel.

3.The first time, May not be perfect, don’t judge your partner based on that, sex get better with age and experience.

4. Sex makes you feel better, once you start it, you will keep asking for more, it’s normal.

5. Everyone enjoys sex, so work hard to make yours fun and pleasurable.

6. Your genitals needs constant attention for proper hygiene. Make sure you keep it clean.

7. The urge for sex is stronger than any flaws, just enjoy the moment.

8. There is more to a man body than his penis and more to a woman body than her vagina, so understand all the pleasurable features and give it the needed attention.

9. Always pee and clean up after every act, to keep your private part healthy.

10. Talking before and after sex is very good, make sure you try it.


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