What is Love?

“I love you, I love you and I love you so much”  the young man said.

“I love you too” another voice responded.

“Promise me, you will never break my heart”

“Baby you are my heart, you are my life, you are my everything” So they says, the story has just began.

More often, we have come across stories of this nature, some of us are even victims, some,  victorious  but let me share a story about Angel as received via our email, please your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Angel wrote “I am the first daughter in the family of four, I am from Kenya, my father died when I was just 3, so I didn’t learn so much about men during my teenage life because Mother always say that men were so cruel that I will get to understand her when I was old enough. My mother died during my 13th  birthday, we had to move in and stay with our grandmother. As the oldest, it was pertinent that I start providing for my 3 sisters and myself, so I started doing some buying and selling and there was a young man that always comes around to support me in terms of finances, when I asked him why he was so caring, He will say “Angel, I love you, I love you so much” He will touch me and he was like heaven  to me, I was enjoying his every touch, I couldn’t tell him to stop or continue, but he was a professional, he knew when to stop and my mind will keep beating for him to come back and continue, but I couldn’t summon the courage to tell him.

One day, I had to stop over at his place and we had wonderful moments together, it kind of went on for months, then one day, he told me that “He is tired of me” I beg him for weeks but I had to let go of him, two months later another person came around on my 15th birthday and we started going out together, then one night he warn me not to call or come close to him again, so many people have approach me since then  with so many love stories, but I am so scared, is there anything wrong with me? What should I do? What is Love? ”


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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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