Saturday Digest : There Is A Warrior In All Of Us

One thing that you must know about us if they have never told you is that we had, we have and we will always overcome any economic hardship.

Last few weeks has witnessed the naira failing to run fast enough to get close to the dollar and they have reliably informed us that we are now  in a recession.

As a Nigerian with great ideas and hope for a greater Nigeria, let me assume that this is the first time am hearing that Nigeria is witnessing a recession since I was born, don’t crucify me yet, it is just an assumption.

The build up to the 2015 general election witness a lot of promises especially from the Change team which we know are now in charge of the economy and one would like to ask series of questions but I am not in a position to question the Presidential economic team, I am just worried that in a country that boost of great economist like Prof Pat Utomi, Prof Charles Soludo, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Mansur Muhtar  and lately Kemi Adeosun among others can not have a good definition for the economy apart from Recession.

As I struggle with my pen to ink this piece, I am reminded of the line in our national anthem that says “The Labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain” This recent events is an eye opener to all Nigerian,  while some people are standing at the sidelines throwing insult and blames, millions of Nigerians cannot even afford to buy one cup of rice, I ask a question, Which way Nigeria? 

I followed  closely the buy Naija to grow the naira campaign spearheaded by the common sense ambassador, Senator Ben Murray Bruce and I was so impressed by his love and dedication toward ensuring that the naira is save, but I am still yet to see the outcome of the Bureau De change case which “The ogas at the top”  were involved in hoarding and selling dollars to grow their bank account or was the news only in my dreams?

Believe it or not the administration of Goodluck Jonathan did so many things to help ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in most Nigerian which one of such was “the you win” project. And project like that is very good for our economy, abi is it not? Please forgive me if am wrong, I am still yet to see the agenda of our dear President for Nigerian entrepreneurs like myself.

I am not questioning the Presidential economic team but the way things are going, it very obvious that our economic  agenda needs refining because I don’t “think” it is as prudent as we are told. This year I have bought a kongo of rice for N350, 450, 500 and now 750 under a calendar year, this is not the change we need. Abi how much is rice in your area?

As I am about to drop my pen for today, I am left with nothing but concern for our dear nation, the time is right for us to go down on our knees and pray for Nigeria.  While throwing blame and insult is good, I believe we need a President who will Unite the country not just North, South, East and West but along religious and political line, I believe if we are truly united, whether PDP, APC, Christian, Muslims, etc Nigeria will grow from strength to strength. Always remember  “United we stand, divided we fall”

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Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.


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