Saturday Digest : Here Comes The Preacher Of Change

“Cry not,  I am here now”  The Preacher said. “Don’t be too quick to judge me, I come with good tidings and intention”

“But Preacher sir, your dogs are not too friendly” We reminded him, their teeth were shining at us but the preacher’s inviting smiles kept us standing.

“Don’t look at my dogs, look at your shoes, your clothes and your behavior, you need to change ”

“But sir… ”

“Don’t but me, I am the Preacher of change, I speak nothing but the truth, you demanded for the change not me, you voted for the change not me, I’m only reminding you of your undying love for change, if you truly want it, then change your life style”

“But sir… ”

“Don’t but me, Complain no more I am here now, you complain of hardship but you are still eating, you complain that fuel price is too high, but your ‘I pass my neighbor generator’ does not allow your neighbors to sleep at night, you complain of the dollar, yet people are traveling out for shopping on a daily basis, you complain of the economy as if you don’t understand our situation, do you think we are not working? ”

“But sir, we are just saying… ”

“Don’t say anything, you still want to complain, as if that is all you can do, we are tired of hearing your complain, He eat,  you complain, He travel,  you complain, He becomes sick and try to go for treatment, you complain, he is working day and night to fix our economy, yet you still complain, what do you want from him? ”

“Please sir, permit me to say something”  My friend smile at him and he smiled back at my friend  but he was still adamant, he inspected my friend’s phone, and stares at his face with no response, I was thinking it was an invitation for my friend  to say something but I was so wrong.

“Thank you so much sir, I am… ”

“Don’t thank me yet, I am not finished with you,  your phone is not made in Nigeria, you are wearing an Italian shirt, your  shoe is made in Germany, the toothpick in your hands is made from Niger Republic, your smiles are so fake, and you are here complaining, are you sure you are a Nigerian?

“Yes sir, I am still a Nigerian ” My friend struggle to respond

“Nigerians by name not by deed, Nigerians by complaining not by character, Nigerians  by blaming not by offering solution, are you not tired of living a fake life?”

“But sir” I finally found  my voice.

“It is not yet time to complain, we will complain by 2019, if the need arises, it is not yet time to blame,  2019 is still far, we don’t want to run faster than time, but history won’t forgive us Mr Preacher, The change you preach must start with you ”

“Enough!”  the Preacher interrupted

“No sir, I’m not finish” I move closer to him, to understand why he was trying to stop me.

“Your children are schooling abroad not mine, you treat your dogs abroad, but look at us, we don’t even have a dog… ”

“Shut up! Shut up!!  Shut up!!! ”  The dogs were becoming more aggressive. We had to move back into ourselves to understand what we are turning into.

Here comes the Preacher of change, he brings nothing but good news and good tidings, let give him a chance.

… To be continued

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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