Saturday Digest : Between the Literate and the Learned 2

“I am not one of them but I don’t know about you” The old man said as we entered his kitchen.

“One of who?” I was tempted to ask, but the aroma from the kitchen block my nose, my thinking and paralysed my mouth.

“What are you starring at?” He demanded my explanation but I was lost with what I saw, piles of empty bags with “I am waiting for the change” inscription written on all of them.

“Eku weekend, Epelle sir” I finally managed to respond to him.

“You are a graduate, abi are you not?” he asked.

His question got me thinking, confused and sad.

“I am confused sir, how can you tell if someone is a graduate or not?” The looks in his eyes, the smiles on his lips buckle up my mind to be ready for any interrogation.

The atmosphere became relatively tensed, sweat was begging to come out and my mouth was so heavy that it couldn’t utter any word to disrupt the silence.

“You are learning, I can see that, I’m so impressed” The old man said and I managed a smile.

“Now that you know, can you see the difference between the Learned and the Literate? ”

“Know what?” My mind start racing for answers, the more I check, the more confused I become.

“The Literate are govern by what they are taught in school while the Learned goes beyond that to master the laws of nature, knowledge and everything worthwhile”

“That’s common sense, most people lack it” His response change my orientation about life and I was ready to ask him as many questions as I can.

“Excuse me sir, Eku Change sir, please don’t be offended, how much is a Kongo of rice in your area? ”
He stares at me for a moment, then smile,

” I’m so sorry, I’m not one of them, I guess you should know that by now”

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