Saturday Digest: Can We Not Speak?

I received a call sometimes ago from a PA to a PA to a “Big Politician”

And he was threatening me to reduce the way I react to issues concerning his boss or else he will “deal with me”

The funny thing about his calls was not the dealing with me part, but the way he was introducing himself.

For us in this other side, calls like that is what make us who we are, if you are a blogger or a writer and you have not received such calls then you have not started.

Can we not speak?
Can I not write?

As I struggled to think of what to respond or how to deal with his threat, I remember an article I wrote for voice of the youth when I was just 13 years old with the topic “can we not speak? ”

I remember the analog of the story about the intimidation and assistance that our classroom teacher used to give us in Nursery school, the accolades, the warning and the beating..

I remember everything, I have learned to forget in the last few years.

Then I remembered who I was, a Nigerian youth, a leader, a writer, a blogger, a fisherman and a social media influencer.

“Hello, are you there?” I could still hear him from my head, I could still feel his anger, my mind had started imagining some good and bad side of his call. But with a little hope and boldness.. I fought back.

“Is that all? ” I said. He laughed angrily and ended the call.
10 minutes later, the main PA called, and he seem a little calm and worried.

“Who are you working for?”

“Who is paying you to destroy the reputation of my boss? ” he asked stylishly.

” I’m so sorry, please I don’t seem to understand anything you are saying” My respond didn’t go well with him but he was a little more mature than his PA.

He paused for a very long time, there was murmuring from the background but I couldn’t understand anything he was telling his PA.

“Excuse me Sir, I am working for Nigeria, If you don’t mind, I have an important story to tell”

“Hold on, his voice was cracking, we want to make a deal? ”

I couldn’t get him very well, and I didn’t respond to his question, so he ended after waiting for more than 6 minutes without any response from me.

Yesterday was International youth day, and as we strive for a good and a better World,
I want to leave you with this question, in a time like now, where any opposing voice becomes an enemy, where all we see is persecution, especially for anyone who seem to disagree with them, where the change process seem slow, can we not speak?

Written by Abel Abel

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