EX-ing your EX

Young black ethnic African-American couple at odds and bad mood not talking with each other and looking away after heated argument

Because of my frequent interactions with young people and folks in general, i have discovered that many times when people break off a relationship, wrong or ungodly relationships, they never close the door. And because of this, their EXs can become distractions and stumbling blocks to their future.

Some have wrecked great and godly relationships and marriages because they compromised with their EXs. When you break up from a relationship and you know you shouldn’t be there, BREAK UP, BREAK OFF AND BREAK OUT COMPLETELY. If possible, severe every link, at least until you out grow every feeling. Simply put, EX your EX. Don’t keep chatting on social media even when you are in something new and expect to be free.

Forget about going to have lunch or dinner just to put closure to what happened in the past. You may just become the dinner. Avoid things that would revive old passions. The truth of the matter is, many of such meetings end up on the bed of fornication and adultery. Some things are a matter of simple godly wisdom, fleeing appearance of evil.

Just thought of this, I’m sure someone needs this.

Note: This doesn’t imply treating an Ex as an enemy. Or keeping malice. Note when i said, “until you outgrow every feeling” . This distance is to help you heal and begin anew…..

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