Why Buhari must restructure Nigeria now before it is too late

Since Amalgamation to Independent to the present, Nigeria have remained a crawling nation. The country appears a nation with potentials but unfortunately, this potentials have never been explored rightfully. While other nations with equal potentials have gone on to make global exploit, Nigeria is still dilly dallying on issues its contemporaries have long ago overcome.

These issues are glaring even to the blind. We have not been able to turn our diversity to strength, it remains a weakness that is bleeding the nation and its people to death.

Again and again the question have been asked: What is the way forward?

Local and international analysts have proffered solutions, books have been written, conferences held, so many talks but the solution is simple. Nigeria needs restructuring.

Here is why Nigeria should be restructured.

Restructure Nigeria to save Nigeria: From all indication, the only way for Nigeria to remain together peacefully and in harmony is to restructure Nigeria now!

Restructure Nigeria to save lives: Hundreds of lives have been lost in different agitation for resource control, secession, marginalization, etc. This can be avoided and lives saved if Nigeria is restructured now!

Restructure Nigeria to unite Nigeria: Nigeria is more divided now than ever before. At the core of this division is Political, religious and ethnic differences. This can be fixed if Nigeria is restructured now!

Restructure Nigeria to restore Nigeria: The gains Nigeria made after independence have been lost over the years because of political recklessness and leadership greed. Rather than moving forward, Nigeria is moving backward. This can be fixed and the direction changed if Nigeria is restructured now!

Restructure Nigeria to develop Nigeria: Despite it wealth and human resources, Nigeria is behind in development. This is because too much responsibility is being placed on the centre. The centre has to worry about building roads everywhere to connecting electricity everywhere. Nigeria will develop faster if most of the development responsibilities is taken off the centre. The only way to achieve this is to restructure Nigeria now!

Restructure Nigeria to dignify Nigeria: Without a doubt, Nigeria has suddenly transformed from the Giant of Africa to the ant of Africa. We have lost our once powerful voice in Africa. Most of this is due to internal wrangling that has reduced the nation to object of reference in terms of terror and the likes. We can get back on the road of dignity if Nigeria is restructured now.

Restructure Nigeria to grow Nigeria: The Big and powerful nations of the world have one thing in common – they have multiple stream of revenue but Nigeria only have one – Oil. With over dependent on oil, restructuring ensure the diversification of the economy. States will be forced to look to other source of income. Restructuring will mean that the FG government cannot over rely on oil, they will need to grow other sectors to boost income.

Restructure Nigeria to meet Modern realities: Politics is the most lucrative occupation in the Nigeria today. A politicians who is incompetent is ready to do all things legal and illegal to get to into government. Once there it does not matter if he or she sleeps through, the bank account grows faster than an iroko tree. The financial take home of elected and appointed political figures is bogus, if sliced will be enough to fix Nigeria over and over again. This can be stopped if Nigeria is restructured now.

The list is long and you are welcome to add yours.

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