Saturday Digest: Now that you are A Graduate

I am still a writer, that’s what they call me. I am a social media strategist, a children ambassador, a researcher, a fisherman, an entrepreneur , I am almost everything, at least I am trying to make the World a better place, that’s what we should all do, don’t you think so?

I am talking to you, why are you starring at me like that? “I know” that’s what you will say. But don’t worry, I will be fine. Jesus! I’m so sorry, I lied again. Did I just say “Don’t worry” please forgive me, I lied a lot lately, just yesterday, I was on my bed crying, please don’t ask me why.. When my mum called, ” Abel, are you OK?” “yes mum” I tried to paint white when I should have used the black ink.

We all lied, but that’s not a consolation, Actually I wanted to tell you something, I can’t believe myself, what is wrong with me? This past few months has been overwhelmingly beautiful, interesting and suspense full. They call it “NYSC” but we on this other side see it as the preparation ground.

Don’t mind me, I have been on my bed thinking about what will become of thousands of Nigerian who will finish this so called “NYSC” Stuff in the next few months.

“What about it? Is it a new thing? ” That’s a good question but not good enough in a time like now ‘This Era of Change’ “Sai Abel!” I can hear the chanting from the crowd. Who said that? Does it really matter, you bet I didn’t just say that.

“may we meet you” I am right in front of you, why do you ask? But for record sake, they call me Abel, I am a Fisherman, I love to help people and I am good in writing, I am a children Ambassador, a Christian, a researcher, I love using social media to help businesses grow, a good listener, I am single, I love volleyball, I play chess at time, Traveling and meeting people to me is fun. That’s all for now, should I go on?

“What can you offer this organization?” I believe I have all it takes to add fresh ideas and insight to the customer service delivery of this great organization, this organization has been in the forefront of bringing communication to the doorstep of millions of Nigerian, as a social media influencer, I have watch and understand the basic of social media listening and I believe my experience will be very valuable to this great organization.

“Are you the candidate from South South regional manager, who studied from Stanford?”

“No sir, please tell me about him”

” Don’t worry, thank you for your time, we will get back to you, if we THINK you are the best fit for the Job”
If we think, that harsh, how would you know am the best fit, when you don’t even try me. That’s the plight of most Nigerian graduate.

“Why are so sad?” I bet you don’t understand the situation we are in now. It’s a very sad scenario, most of these so called politicians have no pity for humanity. Few years from now, they will all filled out again with all sort of slogan claiming that they can make cow pass through the needle when all they care about is their pocket.

“Sai Politics!” let me pause here for today. But I have a request to make, we are building a social media agency, if you think you have what it takes to be part of it, Tweet us @abelekene @abelabeldotcom, if you want us to promote your good and services send us an email : our price are very affordable, you can try us and opt out anytime with 99% money back guarantee if we don’t deliver the best customer service and social media solutions to your business.

Written by Abel Abel

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