Saturday Digest : Between the Literate and the Learned

“The problem with Nigeria is that we have so many Literate people who are not yet learned”
The Old man began.

“Wait, Please sir, are you saying that to be Literate is not good? ” Out of Curiosity I voiced out my ignorance.
The old man stare at my face and smile.

“My son, when I was your age, I was just like you” He lamented and move closer to me to examine my eyes, lips and head.

“what primary school did you attend?” I replied

“What’s was the name of your head master? ”

I stammered for five minutes, scratch my head, then stares back at him as a clown.
” When is your birthday?” I replied

“Do you have friends? ” I replied

” can you remember the birthday of 10 of your friends? ” I managed to recall five, then look back at him to refresh my memory.

The weather was tensed , the cloud was thick, the rain was drizzling but sun still managed to shine.

” Do you ever wonder why the sun keep shinning even before, during or after a serious rain? ”

I nodded to hide my ignorance

“Why?” He stares at my face as if we were fighting

” Because he has no option than to shine ” I replied, he smiles and ask me to draw closer to him.

” My son, no good thing can ever hide, no matter the struggle or storm, it may pass through, at the right time, it will always shine”

I tried to relate this recent story to the question I asked him , but there was no connection so I keep quiet and listen to him blindly.

“Do you have any questions for me? ” He snorted after a long wait.

” Yes, but no, I don’t have questions, I only need answers”

“How do you get answers without a question? ” He asked.

” must we always find questions before answers, can we look for answers before the questions? ” I became restless.

He was quiet for few minutes, then he continued “The Learned is always ready, patient and willing to pursue and run after knowledge in the interest of all, but those who are Literate but not learned will be scouting for shortcut in order to get little money”

“The problem with Nigeria as I said is that we have so many Literate people than learned people” He lower his eyes glass and usher me down to the kitchen.

To be continued….

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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