Nigerian cleric accuses British M, David Cameron of double standard

Founder of the John 3:16 Ministry, Aba, Abia State, Bro. Samuel Ajayi has accused the British Prime Minister, David Cameron of double standard by allowing the plebiscite, which necessitated the exit of Britain last week from the European Union (EU) while supporting President Mohammadu Bu­hari to deny Ndigbo the same opportunity.

Speaking in Aba following the referendum that precipitated Britain’s exit from the EU otherwise known as the Bretix, Ajayi said it was infuriating that the British Prime Minister who had over the years supported Buhari who stood against conduct­ing referendum in the South East for the indepen­dence of Biafra, would be the one that organized a referendum that saw Britain exiting the EU.

“The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is a hypocrite by conducting the referendum which saw Britain exiting the EU last week, while at the same time; he is supporting President Mohammadu Buhari to deny those who want Biafra, referendum to exit Nigeria”.

While accusing Cameron of double standard in allowing the plebiscite in his country and support­ing Buhari to oppose that for Biafra, Ajayi said if it were to be in Nigeria, those who called for the referendum would have been put in jail perpetually as Nnamdi Kanu. SUN

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