Eight golden rules to keep your marriage strong

1. Marriage is Teamwork. Marriage flourishes when both husband and wife understand that winning together is more important than keeping score.

2. Don’t give up on your marriage. Don’t give in to the enemy. As long as you have breath, get on your knees and fight for your marriage.

3. A successful marriage doesn’t require a bag of money, a big house, a prefect spouse, or a big expensive car. You can have all the above and still have a miserable and empty marriage. A successful marriage requires honesty, undying commitment and selfless love and Jesus at the center of it all.

4. For marriage to work, self must die. Anything that is done selfishly will separate you. Consider your spouse’s feelings, needs, desires, opinions, and preferences in your decision making.

5. Be grateful for the spouse that you have. Someone is fasting and praying for a spouse just like the one you have.

6. Telling your spouse where you are, who you are with and what time you are coming home is not hard — if you have nothing to hide.

7. Husbands: Your three primary responsibilities are (1) Family Priest (2) Family Provider (3) Family Protector. If you’re not yet ready or willing to shoulder one of these three, then you’re not ready for marriage.

8. Genuine apology is not just saying, “I’m sorry,” it must be accompanied by a change of behavior or attitude. Remember Marriage is an

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