Woman Allegedly Runs Over Her Boyfriend After Finding Out That He’s HIV Positive

Misty Lee Wilke, 43, of Phoenix has been accused of running over her boyfriend after she learned he was HIV positive.

The incident was reportedly captured on a neighbor’s security camera, showing the man riding a bicycle in Arizona before a Ford Mustang plows into him, causing him to fly over the hood of the car.

Wilke and her boyfriend got into an argument that morning after he told her he was HIV positive, court records indicated.

Wilke told police that prior to the alleged hit-and-run, her boyfriend was laughing after breaking the news to her and attacked her with a pocket knife, cutting her arm, Fox 10 reported. Wilke allegedly said she was aware she hit someone but did not know how her boyfriend ended up in front of her car.

Misty Lee Wilke, 43, of Phoenix has since been jailed following the ordeal, which the man survived but was left suffering a fractured vertebra and a head injury requiring staples, according to Fox 10.

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