Things that will make your relationship work…

1. Honesty & Accountability: Accepting responsibility for self, admitting when you are wrong, communicating openly and honestly. Relationship is built on truth rather than game playing.

2. Open Communication: Communication is based on clarifying issues,specifying feelings and working together to achieve mutually satisfying and acceptable solutions. so it’s very important for a healthy relationship.

3. Shared Responsibility: Making decisions together, doing things for each other; going places you both enjoy, giving as much as you both receive…

4. Shared Power: Each person has an equal say in the relationship, though at times, one person may have greater say as a result of access to more info and experience.

5. Respect and Honour : Each person is valued for who they are and what they bring to the relationship. Partners must contribute to each other’s happiness which in turn gives strength to the relationship.

My advise: *Treat your partner like he/she is of value and find ways to appreciate them for who they are.

*Accept your partner for who they are. Please and please

*You must learn to pay attention to your partner, value your partner’s opinion even if it differs from yours.

6.Trust Your Partner. Trust is one of the foundational blocks for building a successful relationship. In a relationship, where there is no trust, there will be thrust.

Written by Abel Abel

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