School ban female teachers from wearing make-up (See Letter)

The principal of Friends School Kaimosi Girls has stirred up controversy after she wrote a letter warningn all female staff to not wear make-up when coming to work, such as lipstick

She claimed that teachers are setting a “bad role model” image for students, who are beginning to copy them.

According to Tuko, a section of teachers at Kaimosi Girls High School in Vihiga County were left baffled after the school principal wrote them a letter asking that they desist from wearing lipstick while in the presence of students.


The letter, dated June 2, 2016, further stated that the teachers should not wear eye make-up while on duty, whether in school, or going out for a function with students.

Principal Violet Opala stated that the main reason for her directive is so that the teachers can maintain a “good role model image” for the girls in the school.

According to her, students caught with lipstick claimed that they learnt the same from teachers who wear make-up while on duty.

“I write to inform you that we are finding it very difficult to correct some students in our school over [the use of lipstick and make-up in school]. They are pointing at us as the ones leading them into doing this.

“I therefore ask that from the date of this letter, no female staff should use lipstick or eye make-up while on duty in school and while with students out for any school function,” Opala wrote in the memo addressed to all female staff.

She however did not make it clear how wearing make-up makes a teacher, or any other staff, a “bad” role model.

The letter attracted criticism from some staff members, who are planning to contest the directive.

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