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It had rained the whole night till morning and it continued. In three homes something different was happening in each. In a single room with a husband and a wife with four young kids, they had all woken up at dawn, did what house chores could be done. The wife in a make shift kitchen, leaking from a million places, prepared porridge for sale to top up the meagre salary of the husband, a security man. He got on his bicycle with the two younger kids, his shoes were in a plastic bag so they will not get wet or dirty, and he shared a raincoat with his two boys as he sent them to school. He could have stayed home in this rain like he knew for sure his other colleague would, but his attitude has always been to be the best when no one else would and again he needed a good future for his family and for that this job was very important to him.

In a two bedroom house, the accountant of the same company where the security man was now rushing to, and his wife with their young son were all still in bed. The wife was trying to get up and called the husband, he stretches, yawns, looks at the time and says, “forget it, no work today, after all how much do they pay me.” The wife complains that then she will not have anyone to drop her and the kid at school, he looks at her and says, “Well then no one is going out today, can’t you see it is raining? And with that the day was set for them.
In a five bedroom mansion, the managing director of the same company wakes up and does his morning exercise on his treadmill, he looks through his window and sees how the rain is intensifying. He calls his driver to bring the car up front. He dresses and gets out, a strong wind blows the rain right into his face immediately he opens the front door, his suite is wet in a moment, he shuts the door and complains, goes back upstairs, tries to change into something else, stops midway, makes some calls to some staff, cancels a staff meeting, looks at the scores from the matches played the previous day on TV and picks up his laptop to work from home.

At the close of the day, the security man closes up and goes through the rains which is still pouring, goes to pick his children who were among the very few at school and goes home. The wife had been soaked but had sold all she prepared that morning because all the other porridge sellers did not show up.

The same storm had hit all these people but one family knowing the importance of what they had and where they wanted to get to, did not let the storm stop them from doing what needed to be done.

We all face similar storms in life the only difference between us is the value we place on what we have and where we want to get to. It is not the circumstance you find yourself that halts your progress it’s how deep your love and determination is to succeed. Your salary may be meagre but someone’s own is 1/10 of yours yet they work hard and move forward. Your spouse may be the worst, but another has one, twice as bad as your own but they are fighting to make their marriage work. You have prayed a year for marriage or children or a breakthrough and you are giving up, another is close to old age but is still believing that God will answer that same prayer for them. Failure is by choice, stopping is by your own desire, if you so wish you can rise up and walk through the storm to your victory if your love, faith and determination is strong enough.

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