What holds a marriage together?

I am fully convinced that there are no two individuals (man and woman) who cannot make it together in marriage, if they are willing to pay the price to make it work. I have about seen all the different combinations you can think of.

I have seen a tall man married to a short woman; a short man married to a tall woman. I have seen a handsome man married to a seemingly ugly woman, just as I have seen a seemingly out of shape man married to a beautiful woman. And, the various combinations go on and on, and you wonder what is keeping these two together?

A wise person will probably be quick to answer. It is what is in them, not the container that matters. Really? Someone needs to educate the many singles trapped in singlehood, being too focused on the container. Included also, are the professional brides and grooms who are jumping from one marriage to another.
They, unsure of themselves, are ruled by “what will people say.”

Love is a thing of the heart and the heart never fades. The containers might depreciate and lose value, but the heart nurtured aright stays the same.

Love will go the distance. Love will make the effort. Love will make the sacrifice required to make it work. Love sees beyond the container to the person in the container. Love receives you for who you are, not what or who you were meant to be…..

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Written by Abel Abel

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