Dont blame…

I just didn’t feel like talking to anyone…

I didn’t even feel like talking to myself

I decided to walk down a long street this evening… Not that I had any destination in mind, some times just walking and listening to your heart beat can work wonders.

A lot has happened the past one week but am grateful to still be alive.

As I walked passed a supermarket I saw this guy and a lady coming in front of me.They were hugging and caresing each other not even minding they were on the road. As I moved closer to them, they stop and kissed right in view of my eyes. Something inside me blink.

They passed by and I felt sorry for them. Maybe they will have sex tonight and then sex the next day… Soon they get tired of each other. And so ends it. There is nothing like true love, that has been my believe for some time.

For some reason I have had this believe that falling in love is not for me because even if I have the love to give, finding a good woman is the hardest job on earth.

As I communicate with myself about love… Wondering if I will ever be lucky to find one… I soon got tired of walking.

I saw this wonderful open place where drinks and food are sold. Several cars packed. I decided to sit a while and maybe get a drink.

I didn’t sit for 5 minutes when , a beautiful lady approach.

How do I describe her beauty? She was wonderful, natural. When she walked in I stopped breathing for while, I came back to live when she said “Can I sit with you on the table”

She called the waiter, ordered a drink for me and her… She paid and left some tip with the waiter.

I was silent. I didn’t know what to say… This is too good to be true!

She started talking to me… She asked if I would like something to eat, I said no.

She asked me why I don’t believe in True love?

I was shocked! How did she know what I was thinking?

Then I remember there is something called mami water… Evil spirit.

I got up, without saying a word and left.

As I turned into a street in front of me, I was hit by a car, the driver was ran away.. And it was night, no one in sight.

Slowly slowly… I began to see people in white cloths until she came… She touched me and I returned to earth. She whispered to me “Why are you afraid? Because I look too good to be true? The beautiful things of life don’t come very hard, they come very easy and we overlook them for their simplicity”

She carried me into her car…

We got to her house. What a beautiful house

She lay me on the bed.

Take care of my wounds. She said a prayer for me.

I was feeling at home. Then she come next to me, lay down beside me. Put her hands on my chest, we fell asleep.

When it was morning…

She asked to drop me home and I said I dont wanna leave.
Because I have finally found love.

She looked into my eyes and said “I have a secret to tell you’

Just then my sister woke me from my sleep.

” Mfon NEPA don bring light, charge your phone and laptop”

Lol… Well… Since I can sleep, I dedcied to write something. Now am feeling g sleepy.

Written by Abel Abel

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