Dad Buys $900 full-page newspaper Ad to find his son a wife

A Beverly Hills dad named Arthur Brooks paid $900 for an advertisement in Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Pressnewspaper to find his future daughter-in-law — and his son isn’t jumping for joy.

The Spokesman-Review, of Spokane, WA, reports that the bachelor, Salt Lake City businessman Baron Brooks, was shocked when he found out what his father did.

“My father did this without my consent. I can’t even describe to you how embarrassing and ridiculous this is,” Baron, 48, told the site. “He just does this crap. … If I shared some of the stories, you wouldn’t believe it. He just does weird stuff, and nobody knows why.”

Arthur, 78, doesn’t want his son to date just anyone. According to the ad, which features a photo of Baron, Arthur is “looking for a wife who is ready, willing and able to have children as soon as possible” and someone who is willing to “be a stay at home mom.”

Even more, the woman needs to be politically conservative. “This is very important to me,” the ad read. “If you voted for [Barack] Obama or plan to vote for Hillary [Clinton] you are not for me.”

Arthur’s strict guidelines don’t surprise Baron — nor does his decision to list the ad in a state far away from their posh West Coast hometown.

Written by Abel Abel

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