My Romantic (Episode 1)

I was born in a place called kpakungu a small town in Minna Niger Nigeria,i was trained and brought up by my own parent,did my nursery and primary school at bamaiyi sai allah in tunga lowcost Minna,while i also did my Olevel and tertiary education in benue state,i am an idoma by tribe as i speak both idoma,English and hausa.My name is prince phil ajexity,i am MR ROMANTIC and here is my story.

I woke up one morning and i decided to do some physical exercise, after the excercise, i picked up my toothpaste and my toothbrush as i brushed up my teeth,little do i knew i was feeling hungry and i have to cook on hungry man size indomie plus two eggs, you may want to call it enjoyment but read on,i went to the bathroom and took my bath with a warm water before eating,when i was done eating,i remembered that i have to call emeka my friend about the job he promised to hook me to,but i have no airtime to call him but thank God for Etisalat easywallet which i have to get a loan of 200 naira airtime as i finally called Emeka but he asked me to come down to his house so as to go meet the woman i will be working for,when he hanged up the call,i have to quickly prepared and dressed wonderfully as i left for emeka’s house.

I arrived emeka place twenty minutes after leaving my house,we both met and left for the woman’s place,as we arrived the woman’s house,i have to ask emeka if we are at the right place because this house is Looks like a senators house,Emeka laughed and told me i will be working in this house and he believes if the woman sees me,she will employ me,i said amen to that as we proceed in but the gate man stoped us and confirm from the woman through phone before allowing us to go in,i have never seen such an organised environment before,the gate man is looking neat and fresh,the gardner is looking cool too and even the cook is looking clean but i am yet to see any female worker,we arrived where the woman was and she was relaxing on a chair watching CNN NEWS,we greeted her as she turned to us,welcome us and asked us both to sit down,we were served with wine as emeka introduced me to her,she asked me a few questions which i do replied her in good english,she seems okay with me as she told emeka she will have me as her employee.But come to think of it,what kind of job will she be employing me for?
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