A Poor family in Kenya receives double blessing as President Kenyatta visits their modest home

A poor family in Kiambu had a double blessing after President Uhuru Kenyatta visited to light up their mud-walled house, Standard Media reports

The family of George Kamau watched and listened in awe to President Kenyatta when he made a surprise visit at the weekend.

Their humble home was used for demonstration as the President was taken through the process of connection and lighting.

Uhuru had visited Ndiguini village in Ndieya, Kiambu County, to inspect the implementation of the Last-Mile project of homes that have just been supplied with electricity.

Made History

He made history as the first sitting President to visit the remote village with poor road network.

Looking relaxed and jovial, the President, Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter and Kiambu Governor William Kabogo were ushered into a three-roomed house where they were hosted by a couple and their five children.

Lucy Wambui could not hide her joy, explaining her feelings after the President visited their humble house for a chat with her family.

“He was an unexpected visitor. He first entered my house and I was shocked. He shook my hand and even engaged me and my family in a conversation, sat on my cheap seats and did not mind being in my house that is not even cemented,” she said.

Wambui said she had never dreamt of being at a presidential function, leave alone shaking Uhuru’s hand.

“This is not an ordinary visit. I am not taking it lightly, It is a miracle. I struggle to raise my family but after this visit, I believe my life and that of my family will never be the same again,” she added.

Just like the biblical woman who had bled for 12 years and touched Jesus garment, Wambui said she touched the “garment of Uhuru” and believed her life would never be the same after the historic visit.

The casual labourer and mother of five said the President inquired how she was coping with life, and explained how it had been difficult to raise her family as the area is semi-arid.

Casual Jobs

She said she depends on casual jobs which are infrequent and difficult to find.

“The President also told the governor to secure a job for me or my husband,” she said.

She said she had never thought of having electricity in her house all her life.

A few metres from Wambui’s house, Ann Njoki and her husband were also delighted after the President visited their house.

“I told the President my family has been suffering as the roof has been leaking when it rains, soaking our bedding. I just want a decent place for my family to sleep. He promised to take care of that,” said Njoki.

The mother of three, also a casual labourer, said she was not expecting the President to visit her house as she had only seen his face in newspapers and on television.

Njoki said the President also promised to pay her niece’s university fees.

Peter Mbugua, whose house was also connected, said the remote area had no single household connected with electricity and residents had to walk for a long distance to get their phones charged at Sh20.

Mbugua, whose sentiments were echoed by other villagers, said he never expected or planned to connect his house with electricity due to the high charges.

“As a casual labourer, I only earn small money to feed my family. Electricity is more than a luxury here,” he said.

An enthusiastic Mbugua said he would embark on saving to enable him buy a television set to watch programmes and news.

“Here we don’t even listen to radio as the price of battery is high. I am so excited, even the life of our children will change due to the learning they will get from watching television. This was a very remote area but soon things will change,” he added.

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