Egypt asked to apologize for calling African countries ‘dogs and slaves’ at UNEA Nairobi meeting

Egypt has been asked to apologise to other African countries for calling them “dogs and slaves” during the recent United Nations Environment Assembly meeting in Nairobi, The Star Kenya reports
Yvonne Khamati, chairman Africa Diplomatic Corps Technical Committee, condemned the utterances made by the country’s head of delegation at the summit which ended on May 27.

The committee said the verbal attacks by current President of African Ministerial Conference on the Environment impedes gains made in promoting the continent’s unity.

“We feel that these uncivilized, racist, discriminatory and vindictive utterances do not advance the vision of the 2063 African Agenda and the Pan-Africanism that was advocated by the founding fathers of the African Union,” said Khamati in a press statement.

She said the committee resolved that the Egyptian delegation be barred from negotiating or undertaking any leadership position on behalf of Africa further asking the said official to resign as President of AMCEN “with immediate effect.”

“This issue should be raised to the Permanent Representative Committee in Addis Ababa, New York, Vienna, Geneva and subsequently to the Heads of State summit to be held in Kigali, Rwanda in July 2016,” she said.

Khamati added that the utterances undermines UNEP, hosted in Africa, and shows lack of loyalty to the continent.

The Egyptian head delegation made the utterances following divisions among member states on adopting the Gaza resolutions caused by lack of quorum because most delegates had left.

The President of AMCEN dismissed other delegates’ concerns when approached on grounds his country (Egypt) “would speak their sovereign capacity.”

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