Buhari and Osinbajo talks about Donald Trump (Satire)

Osinbajo: Your Excellency

Buhari: Osimbade, what is the matter again?

Osinbajo: Don’t vex your excellency, I want to ask you one question

Buhari: Fire

Osinbanjo: I was wondering… I was thinking.. I was…

Buhari: Osimbade, save my time.

Osinbanjo: Your Excellency, It is almost one month since you return from China. Since then you have stayed up to three weeks in Nigeria without travelling which is very unusual. I was wondering, is anything the matter?

Buhari: Kai Osimbade, very good of you. You are sharp. That means you have been looking and thinking. I want to stay small and fix the economy and I will travel soon again.

Osinbajo: Your excellency, have you heard?

Buhari: Heard what Osimbade

Osinbajo: Donald Trump has won the Republican party nomination in America and may become the President. That means you need to start vising America as many times as possible before he comes in. Do all the visit you want to do before he comes o.

Buhari: Osimbade, are you sure of this?

Osinbajo: It was on the news and Mfon Abel Ekene even confirmed it on his facebook.

Buhari: I have to do something fast

Osinabjo: What will you do?

Buhari: Tell Geoffrey Onyeama to send me Donald Trump’s Phone number and call Lai Mohammed for me. We need to speak with Trump.

Osinbajo: What will you tell Trump?

Buhari: Don’t worry Osimbade, Lai will handle it

Osinbajo to himself (What will they tell Trump?)

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