Americans Applaud Nigeria For Banning “I Am Cait” From Cable Television

Just weeks after Nigeria successfully boycotted the show “I Am Cait” and got it banned from cable television on the continent, many Americans have hailed the move, applauding Nigerians.

According to comments on Yahoo! which carried the news item, many Americans supported the decision which has overwhelming support in Nigeria but has been frowned upon by South Africans.

See some comments here:

I am sure this is not the only county to stop airing the show; however, it is the only one we have heard of sofar. This is proof whether or not Africa has other issues to deal with…This is a good thing…This is not a show about teaching parents or children anything. This is a show about Bruce Jenner who chooses to wear women’s clothing realizing that the Kardashians made so much money as women realized that becoming a woman would make him millions. His show is not about being Transgender, or anything of the sort. Living with all those Kardashian women made him realize that all he had to do was basically nothing at all and to become “transgender” would make him a star and a lot of money. I think Africa did their country a favor. Would be nice if America Thought the same way. It is a purely selfish way to gain attention. – Unknown

I wish they wouldn’t air it in the states! I have absolutely nothing against the transgendered and do not condone their mistreatment. I just can’t stand Caitlin Jenner because she has no connection with the struggles that I believe the transgendered experience and she believes she speaks for them. Caitlin is out for Caitlin and does her part to feed the Kardashian narcissistic machine. I wish all of those people would disappear from television. Famous for doing absolutely nothing. – Go Girl
Well, at least the Africans aren’t STUPID! – YES!

Please U.S. follow suit. Goes to show that these people are so much smarter than some Americans who are watching this piece of #$%$ family – Denise

At least the Nigerians get it unlike us. – Johnny

Hands up to Africa, they have more scruples than the USA, we are a cesspool! This sick show NEEDS to be taken off the air just like the Kardashians, so sick of the garbage!! – De7

Good for Nigeria. Now if we can get the entire coven banned here. – Kelly

Nigerians are good people. – Alex
Perhaps like most Americans, they are sick and tired of the LGBTQ perversion paraded around like it is accepted behavior when in reality it is barely tolerated. – Mark Nick

From Kay in No Fl: It would seem the authorities in Africa who control what is seen on TV have more sense that we do in the US. Who wants their children exposed to the repugnant unnatural world of the transgenders and gay people. Sad that they are exposed to a difficult life but I’m sorry they are not normal but stop pushing their way of life on normal people. – Kay

More comments at Yahoo News.


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