I Stole From Banks Because The Operatives Were Careless I Am Not A Thief — Robbery Suspect

A 34-year-old suspect, Ibrahim Abudulamdi, paraded, yesterday, by the Lagos State Police Command, said he is not a robber, but goes to bank to steal after studying the environment.

“I am not a robber, I go into banks to steal, not to rob. When I get there I pretend that I want to lodge some money. For instance, when I went into FCMB to withdraw money, I went straight to the bulk room after monitoring the environment carefully, I saw some money and I collected it.

“I collected N1.2 million, it was this year that I went there. I didn’t go there with a pistol. I succeeded in stealing from the bank because the bank operatives were careless. I went into the bulk room and picked the money, I am not a robber. There was nobody there, I am telling you exactly what happened.

But, it was gathered that Ibrahim went to the bank with a Ghana-must-go bag pretending he wanted to deposit money. Later he allegedly took a gun from the bag and attacked the cashier. Demonstrating how he usually swapped his polythene bag containing cut-to-size papers with the victim’s own containing money while pretending to be asking the cashier questions, Ibrahim said he used different methods for different operations.

“Sometimes, I simply swap the victim’s bag containing money with a similar one containing cut-to-size papers.


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