Saturday Digest : What’s on your mind?

Permit me to ask you a little questions, I don’t mean to offend you, I’m just trying to prove a point, Because in this case between my two friends Linda and the Super star I don’t think I can be the judge, but who do you think won the case, after all, we were told that Someone took the case to the police?

What! Why are you starring at me like that, the news was everywhere, even small Children were dancing Shoki with it…

“Wow Wonderful” Emeka not of Ike responded “I guess the Super star should take the blame as Akon and release another Put the blame on me song to His fans, I promise you the song will be a hit”

“Hmmmm” I snorted “Don’t Hmmmm him, do you know that over a million people visited Linda Ikeji’s Blog that day” John not of Terry informed me as if I didn’t know.

I wanted to ask him to keep quiet but I was looking for witness to build up my case, so I allow him to continue “Linda even trended on Twitter Nigeria for over 6 hours, do you know what that means?” I pretended as if I was still a Novice, I wanted to inform him that I have trended in Twitter USA as number one trend for more than an hour but what difference will it make

“Enough of all this” Donald not of Trump warn Us.. “Believe me, Buhari needs to build a wall between Nigerian youth and the Social media, In order to make Nigeria great again, I know he can’t do it, but if I becomes the President of Nigeria, believe me, I will, I will, I will”

I could sense a million tears rolling down Emeka not of Ike eyes but John not of Terry was very ready to defend me..

“Look at what is happening in our country, people are talking are jobs, they take our money, they take our oil, we need to build the social media wall” Donald not of Trump continues barking..

“I am rather overwhelm” A voice from no where interrupted our discussion and ask us to shut up…. Emeka not of Ike inform us that the voice sounded like that of the common sense ambassador, Immediately he said that, Dino a friend of Melaye stoop up and read to us his statement “After drawing inspiration from privileges, I want to draw your attention to the activities of some clandestine operators on social media, if there is no ameliorating measures, this people will drag Nigeria into Crisis”

“Build the wall” Donald not of Trump interrupted his speech…
Then “Dino Keep quiet” was heard repeatedly from the background.

” It’s is too early to judge this government ” A man that was identified as Godswill but not of Akpabio instructed us ” But the primary purpose of government is to secure… ”

” Build the wall! Build the wall!! Build the wall!!” Donald not of Trump interrupted and warn us not to say anything again until he leave the stage..
If only our common sense ambassador was the Senate President maybe he will have beaten him up…

“We haven’t achieve anything, the pressure is on and our rating our down” John not of Terry reminded us…

“So what should we do, what’s going on in your mind? ” I asked, when he didn’t answer, My sleep was interrupted with some what apps messages… Oh! Social Media war and Social media wall… I believe Donald not of Trump will build the wall…

Eku Weekend..

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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