Saturday Digest : Hundred Naira Is just Enough

“One man can change the World” I said as I watched a young lady chatting with a group of young people about HIV/AIDS.

As a NACA Ambassador, I was curious to know who she was and what she was up to. So I stand at a distance to follow the whole deliberation.

A week earlier, I was in a group discussion on Youth involvement in community development and environmental sustainability, where the famous quote resurface itself “If everyone sweep in front of his or her house then the whole World will be clean” so as we finish the discussion, I walk through a series of landscape to enjoy what our country was turning into, but I was surprised by the attitude of most people I encountered on the road, a bottle of coke jumped out of a moving bus and nearly hit a woman who was selling at the road side, many sachets of water also jumped out of cars, bus, lorries, etc decorating and beautifying the road, then I asked myself, who is pursuing them out of the car? When the answer refuses to come, I choose to pass through the scene and move over to another scene.

And I was amazed by the numbers of people queuing up for fuel in a mega NNPC fueling station, the scenario was like a refugee ZONE, so I push through to where the meter was to witness the argument that was going on between the petrol attendant and a self acclaimed big man..

“Sir, we can’t sell more than 2000” the poor boy said.

“Who gave such orders, I am buying 5,000 worth of fuel, Oya don’t waste my time” the man who look like a local tout insisted..

“please sir, can’t you see the queue, if we sell like that, it won’t reach all these people ” The poor boy continue to defend his stand. By this time, two police officers appears threatening to deal with the poor boy. The argument becomes so tensed that the people became so restless, then an old man from no where just walk down to the scene, stares at the police officer and the so called big man, it was just like those scene we see on Yoruba movies, then the man and the police officers immediately enter their car and drove off, I wanted to know who the old man was, he looks like the Alafin of Oyo but I wasn’t sure if he was the one…Then I move into myself to hide my ignorance.

As I stares at the young lady our eyes met, she loose focus, I immediately exited the scene to avoid the impending doom.

As I walked close to my apartment, I saw a young women with twins begging, I paused to interrogate her, but she was not responding, so I drop hundred naira in the plate she was holding… A faint smile cross her face, “That is just Enough to complete the 20,000 demanded by the doctor before they operate my husband” off she went I couldn’t get her contacts but I was fulfill as I enter my room to be greeted by my Friends.

Written by Abel Abel

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