Saturday Digest : Heaven Will Hear Us

Two days ago a little Child said a prayer that makes me remember my primary five Class room teacher, she was so serious that we wonder how a girl of nine years old would know so much about our history as a nation even things that people like us find it so hard to remember.

She started on a low key then progress into a very high tone as if something was taking over her.

Before I try to re-make the young girl prayer let me tell you briefly about my primary five class room teacher. I only met few women in my life that behave and do things like her, first she was always interested in students who didn’t perform well in class, I remember one Friday evening that my dad had to come down to school to wait for me, because she forced me to stay as the class prefect and teach two students mathematics..

My dad was so happy seeing me teach those students but I was not happy because those students used to bully and insult me when the class room teacher was out of the class because they were bigger than me.

My classroom teacher forced me to write a poem.. My first poem “Heaven Must Hear us” that our headmaster had to buy me a gift, and the poem was included in the school bulletin as one of the success story of the school.

. My class teacher was a woman who would forced those who perform well in class to stay together after school and study, we used to see it as punishment then but now I know that she meant well for us.

So this little girls prayers brings me memories that touch my heart and make me sit for hours thinking without doing anything because I believe I have failed myself , failed my family, failed my friend “Aniefiok” who died in our class five.

Aniefiok was the son of our class two teacher, who love mathematics and basic science so much, that he vowed to be one of the greatest scientists in the World when he grew up, but he fell sick in class one day and we took him to the hospital, I remember shedding tears in the hospital because the Doctors who supposed to be life savers were said to be on strike and the one we were lucky to meet didn’t even look at us, he pushed my headmaster away and rush out of the hospital in anger, with no other way to turn to, the mother decided to take the poor child to church, but Aniefiok held her and me and shouted ” I love you both” that was the first time I truly understand the real meaning of friendship, that was the last words he spoke, that was the end, life is short, so they say. He was buried immediately and I couldn’t sleep for days, I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t even go to school and I vowed that day, that I will make Nigeria great and safe for future generations, I guess that vow was very harsh, sometimes when I look at how our country is turning into I wonder whether I will be able to fulfill my vow, but no matter what it takes, even if my life, I promise to do my best to leave this World better than I met it.. Heaven Must Hear Us.

So they prayer start, if you are listening, when I say Heaven Must Hear Us in the voice of the little girl, just put Amen..

This is a prayer of Yinka, a nine years old girl from Oyo State..

Father, I know you are there,
My dad always told us that you care for us,
My mum told me that you brought me into this world for a purpose,
When my friend look and laugh at me, I look up to heaven,
Heaven Must Hear Us…

When my dad told us that the state government has not paid him for months, we cried, because we have not been eating well and daddy didn’t buy us our Christmas cloth, father we are looking up to heaven.
Heaven Must Hear Us.. …

Father, we have not watched cartoon for days, my dad said the price of fuel is too high, father I have cried, I don’t know how long it will take, please we are looking up to heaven, heaven must hear us.

Father, my uncle used to play a song smiling and suffering, he said it was Fella that sang it, please if he is close to you there in heaven, tell him that his prophecy has come to pass that we are smiling and suffering in Nigeria.. But we can’t take it anymore, please help us,
Heaven Must Hear Us..

Father, please tell Obafemi Owolowo and Yaradua if they are there that we are suffering so much, they must come to help us. If you happen to see Sani Abacha, Herbert McCauley and the rest of them, plead with them to intercede on our behalf.. Heaven Must Hear Us…

Father, please touch our president to come back home and help us build our nation, tell him that my dad campaign and voted for him, now he is being mocked by people because things are becoming worse every day, and they keep blaming Our former president for everything, even when our president has refused to stay in Nigeria and do his work .. Heaven Must Hear Us…

Father may this food we eat, never be our last, bless our Nigeria, bless my parent, bless my friends, come and eat with us..

Heaven Must Hear Us…

Let join hands together and pray for Nigeria..

Written by Abel Abel

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